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Inspired by the Helmet of Salvation and James 1:27  "to keep oneself from being polluted from the world."

| SOLD |

Archival Giclee Canvas Prints Available

Limited Edition of 5 { price varies with size }

Featured Work
| Foundation #2 |
Acrylic | Indian ink | Aerosol





Raised between the San Juan Mountains of Colorado and a small farming community in Wisconsin, Kyle gained an appreciation of the land, wildlife and the beauty of nature.  Kyle grew up as a 3rd generation artist, his grandfather was an oil painter and his mother ran a stained glass business out of their home in Wisconsin.  There was no shortage of art projects, outdoor activities, hunting, fishing, camping and gardening.  Post college, Kyle traveled and moved back to Colorado, Seattle and now Austin.  He has been living in downtown cities since college.  The clash of these two timelines reflects the duality expression in most of his work.  His Love for the Lord and sharing his testimony through conversation and his work will be a central theme.

Kyle Duce’s work ties in these elements to showcase his broad range of skill sets from landscape, sculpture, music inspired live painting, taxidermy, and lowbrow styles.  Kyle’s main goal is to evoke emotion when looking deeper into his paintings.  Approaching subjects of faith, culture and bringing light to those in need.



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